Nurse Practitioner Jobs

                Where do Nurse Practitioners (NP or ARNP) work and what do they do?

                Nurse Practitioners (NP) are registered nurses who have undergone additional education and training to diagnose and treat patients with acute illnesses and chronic conditions. In addition, they recommend treatments, perform various procedures, and prescribe medications. In the event they are unable to assist a patient or feel they need additional care, they make referrals to other medical professionals. NP Jobs may be found in physician offices, nursing homes, long-term care centers, clinics, and hospitals. A Family Nurse Practitioner fills a gap in the health care system, one seen in the shortage of doctors offering internal medicine and primary care, although those trained as an NP may work in other specialties. When the time comes to find a job in this field, many individuals turn to the professionals at Valintry for assistance in finding the perfect position for their needs.

                The Function Of A Nurse Practitioner

                Nurse Practitioners focus on providing individualized care based on the patient’s unique needs, paying close attention to the impact the illness is having on the patient’s life and that of his or her family. Many in the field choose to use a holistic approach to care, emphasizing prevention of diseases, promoting health and educating and counseling patients. Others, however, opt to teach, advocate for patient care, develop health care policy, or do research in an effort to improve the lives of individuals everywhere. Thanks to the wide variety of jobs in this field, it is best when a person can have access to as many as possible in one location, and this is what the Valintry site provides.

                Individuals who choose to work with Valintry find they can look at a number of jobs quickly and easily to determine which best meet their needs. The Valintry team is ready and willing to offer questions about the job search process. In addition, applicants find they can make use of resources on the blog to aid the job search process, as our goal is to simplify this task in any way possible.

                Services Offered By Nurse Practitioners

                Nurse Practitioner jobs vary by the specialty selected, but all NPs perform certain tasks. A nurse practitioner orders, performs, and interprets various diagnostic tests, including x-rays and labs, and diagnoses and treats various conditions, both of the acute and chronic types. To do so, they may prescribe prescription medications or other treatments and manage the overall care of the patient. Specialty areas in this field include family health and oncology, with sub-specialty areas ranging from immunology to gerontology. VALiNTRY?offers access to jobs from a wide variety of organizations, so everyone in the nurse practitioner field can find a job with ease.

                The Importance Of Nurse Practitioners In The Medical Field

                Nurse practitioners do much more than provide health care. They mentor their patients, educate them, and perform research to improve the field of medicine. Patients report a high level of satisfaction when they are seen by an NP, and these professionals help to provide care for individuals who might otherwise be facing a primary care physician shortage. In addition, through their personalized care and the counseling they provide, nurse practitioners help to reduce health care costs. Actually, patients using an NP tend to visit the emergency room less often than those seen by physicians, pay less for medications, and stay in the hospital for shorter periods of time.

                For these reasons, more organizations now rely on nurse practitioners to ease the workload. Doing so allows them to provide the best care for their patients without overwhelming other workers, including doctors. Valintry understands this and allows individuals to upload their resumes on the site. Organizations looking for one or more nurse practitioners can turn to Valintry to find talent or to request assistance with a search. Often, the second option is desired, as the health care team doesn’t have the time needed to thoroughly conduct a search. By turning to our company, the applicant pool can be narrowed down to only those candidates suitable for the opening before the potential employer even becomes involved.

                Nurse Practitioner Earnings

                According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 122,050 individuals currently work as a Nurse Practitioner, earning a mean hourly wage of $47.11 or $97,990 yearly. Almost half of these individuals are employed in a physician’s office, although those who work in personal care services tend to make the most, earning $118,080 as their annual mean wage. New York has the most nurse practitioners, employing 10,310 in this industry, yet those in Hawaii earn the highest overall, making $115,870 as the annual mean wage.

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                Individuals should never settle for a job they don’t love. This is especially true in the medical field, where care and compassion go a long way in helping those who visit the health care facility for assistance. With the help of VALiNTRY, nurse practitioners discover finding the right job for their particular needs becomes easier.

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