Microsoft Stack Application Development (AppDev)

                VALiNTRY uses a UX researcher Zach Gurley who worked at the Full Sail UX Laboratory

                Build your business with a customized app stack. Accelerate your organization with software solutions tailored to your business needs. VALiNTRY’s team will leverage the latest technology to bridge the gap between workflows and IT platforms.

                From design to development and deployment, our team will utilize the cloud and build innovative applications to quickly meet your needs:


                • Customized Software
                • Continuous Integration
                • Cloud Application


                By leveraging our continuous integration pipeline, our app dev team, is able to reduce unnecessary risks and costs incurred during the development and deployment process. Our unique process allows your team to get views of your solution as it’s being built to ensure the focus stays on your issues and needs.

                An all-in-one solution provider, our team delivers high quality mobile applications according to client’s needs and specifications.


                Stack components depend on those needs. There are basic elements most businesses find it necessary to include within the design and implementation of their systems.

                • Visual Studio:?Used to develop programs for Windows, web sites, and a variety of web applications. Because of the coding options available, Visual Studio is a valued tool when any type of debugging is necessary.
                • .NET:?Allows?coders to use coding written in other languages. This flexibility assists developers with functions including security and memory management. Microsoft has initiated improvements to address concerns about the security of the original versions of .NET.
                • C#: Developed by Microsoft, it is a programming language that works within .NET. Recent iterations of the language are regarded as a rugged, general purpose programming language. As with virtually all programming languages, C# is continually evolving as users’ needs and hardware change.
                • SQL Server:?Designed to allow access to data when requested by other users, this is a database management system. SQL Server lets other applications access data from practically anywhere. Like other types of software, SQL Server is available in different versions to meet industry-specific needs. Our consultants work with organizations to develop system packages that fit each company’s unique requirements.
                • Angular JavaScript (Angular .js): Developed by Google, it is used to refine web application platforms. It is especially useful when access to a webpage is accessed by a variety of mobile platforms. Given search engines’ algorithms penalizing business sites for a lack of compatibility, Angular JavaScript is a real asset. Our consulting experts recognize business clients have the same types of issues as employees are required to access data from different locations utilizing a variety of devices.
                • Azure:?Devoted to making it easier to develop and scale apps and services faster and at a reduced cost, this is a cloud product of Microsoft. There are many built-in features and services, enabling designers to develop apps faster than when utilizing competing products. Azure is also a favorite of our consultants. It supports technologies already in use by IT professionals, Azure is Microsoft’s foray?into IaaS.
                • Windows Server:?Proven to provide an unparalleled level of security, it is cloud-based data center (via Azure). The incidence of malware and other malicious attacks is minimal, and Microsoft takes extra precautions to harden their platform against emerging risks. This is a component of the Azure IaaS platform, but the previous version can be?hosted locally and on legacy servers.
                • Team Foundation Server?(TFS): Designed to allow source code management throughout a project’s lifecycle. Microsoft designed TFS to work in unison with Visual Studio. It enables teams to seamlessly manage projects and deliver enhancements to software.
                • Dynamics CRM:?Used in sales environments, Microsoft encourages pairing Dynamics CSM with its .NET framework for optimized effectiveness. The software is easily adaptable to meet the needs of service divisions as well as operations, financials, service automation and marketing.
                • Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains:?Adaptable by mid-sized organizations, it is a well-accepted business financial management application. It is used as an integral part of an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) platform and handles financial accounting, balance sheets, general ledgers, and financial reporting. The latest version of the software is expected to further enhance the application’s usefulness.

                VALiNTRY’s consultants collaborate with client companies to evaluate their needs and determine what elements are necessary to enhance an organization. Because of the great flexibility of Microsoft Stack, there are few situations where a company’s unique needs can’t be met quickly and relatively easily.


                Application Development Leadership

                VALiNTRY’s AppDev team is led by Mark Faulcon, a Duke MBA graduate with over 20 years of development and IT leadership experience. He is an expert at requirements gathering, project leadership, SCRUM/AGILE and Waterfall methodologies, and has successfully led multi-million dollar software development projects. He is adept at the Microsoft .NET language and associated libraries of code and is ready to lead your next software development project.

                The Importance of Discussing Options with Consultants Early

                Mistakes are costly. Contacting VALiNTRY consultants early in the process of?deciding to enhance an existing software application you’re running or rewriting the software is crucial. We have expertise in both realms – from initial concepts and designs, through launch and maintenance.

                When existing systems are already in place, VALiNTRY consultants will suggest improvements to enhance productivity and profitability. Technology is rapidly evolving, older systems cannot meet the needs of companies competing in today’s markets. This means research and development can lag, sales may be stagnant, and employees are not as productive as they could be.

                Redefining company objectives is important as industries evolve, and our consultants are available to assist organizations who have challenges determining where they need to head in the future.?The first step in determining how a custom-designed Microsoft Stack solution can play a role in your company’s future is contacting the VALiNTRY Microsoft Consultants today.