Is Java Here to Stay?

  12/30/15    Posted in IT Consulting Java
Oracle's Java Logo with a coffee cup

Is Java Here to Stay?

In the past few years Java developer jobs have skyrocketed in demand. There are more developers employed now than ever before. This might seem since less than a year ago many experts said that Java would no longer be relevant in a short amount of time. Much of the negative assessment concerning this general-purpose language was spurred on by the purchase of Sun Microsystems by Oracle. Sun has been a very successful software firm since its release of the Java language in nineteen ninety-five. Since its release this language has evolved into to one of the most used languages used on the web. But why is Java so popular and why will it continue to be relevant in the coming years?

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The Top 5 Reasons Why .NET Caught On and Still Thrives

  12/23/15    Posted in .NET IT Consulting
The Logo for the Microsoft .NET (dot NET) framework

When Microsoft first announced its .NET platform around the turn of the millennium, it met with plenty of skepticism. Java, then still owned by its creator Sun Microsystems, was already well entrenched in the enterprise space, leaving many to wonder if a company that was becoming best known for holding onto its territory was still capable of new conquests. Read More