Is Your Business Poised to Take Advantage of Future Technology Trends?

  3/22/15    Posted in Business Consulting IT Consulting

Emerging markets, combined with revolutionary changes in technology, dictate significant changes in marketing strategies become the norm, rather than the exception, in the future. Digitalization does, and will increasingly, guide the direction and scope of change. To garner a better understanding of the forces at play, 75 CIOs from the Dallas / Fort Worth region recently attended a Gartner conference to explore the issues facing IT and operations professionals. Along with the metroplex area CIOs, Valintry’s VP of Business Development for the Southwest, Chris Blair, was also in attendance to stay abreast of what Gartner terms the “Next Digital Nexus.” Read More

Database of Technology Consultants Exceeds 100k

  3/7/15    Posted in News

(Winter Park, FL) – As employers search for more flexible solutions for completing their Information technology projects on-time and on budget, they have turned to outside consultants and contract labor. Valintry Services has positioned itself to be an industry leader. “In fact, we are proud to announce our database of technology consultants to source talent has exceeded 100,000 professionals in less than six months,” said Brent Healy, Vice President of Valintry Services, based in Winter Park, FL. Read More

Tips for Choosing an IT Consulting Firm

  3/1/15    Posted in IT Consulting

In today’s world, any and everything you want to find can be found on the Internet. Small businesses are taking advantage of that left and right and using their websites to help them build a strong customer base. No matter what type of business, you are in; you are always going to need help at one time or another. When it comes to It Consulting, many business owners find that the best way to get that help is by hiring temporary staff services to help them with their problems and then letting them go on their way. Read More